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The EU Managing Authority of the Project is the ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States) Secretariat and the EDULINK Programme Management Unit (PMU).

The ACP Secretariat is responsible for the administrative management of the ACP Group. It assists the Group's decision-making and advisory organs in carrying out their work.
The ACP Secretariat's headquarters is located in Brussels (Belgium). It is headed by an Executive Secretary-General who is responsible for implementing the Group's international policy, as well as directing and coordinating its cooperation policy.

The Secretariat, under the direction of the ACP Group's policy-making organs (Summit of ACP Heads of State and Government, Council of Ministers, Committee of Ambassadors), is responsible for:

  • carrying out the tasks assigned it by the Summit of ACP Heads of State and Government, Council of Ministers, Committee of Ambassadors and the ACP Parliamentary Assembly;
  • contributing to the implementation of the decisions of these organs;
  • monitoring the implementation of the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement;
  • assisting the ACP organs and joint institutions created in the framework of the ACP-EU Partnership Agreements.
  • acting on proposals from the Committee of Ambassadors, the Council of Ministers determines the structure of the ACP Secretariat and lays down its Staff Regulations.

The EDULINK Programme Management Unit (PMU) was identified through an international restricted Call for Tenders. It provides technical and administrative support to the contracting authority for efficient day-to-day management and attainment of programme objectives.
In order to accomplish its tasks the PMU also:

  • disseminates information on the programme
  • answers to specific questions from the general public interested in the EDULINK Programme
  • gives support to EDULINK beneficiaries in terms of their contractual obligations.

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