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MAINBIOSYS expected results to achieve are:

  • to reduce the competencies gap that limits African Universities capacity to act sustainable growth engines;
  • to strengthen human resources capacities in developing collaborative research, technology transfer and knowledge exchanges in sustainable agriculture sector;
  • to increase inter-institutional networking cooperation and collaboration between African and EU Universities and between African Universities and local stakeholders (rural communities, policy makers and agricultural extension services, biofarming actors etc);
  • to improve mobility of postgraduate students and teaching staff;
  • in the long run to increase high quality education, relevant to the needs of labour market and consistent with the socio-economic priorities of the African Countries.

MAINBIOSYS products and services directly produced and delivered are:

  • baseline reports on research needs assessment;
  • training plan;
  • a Biofarming Training School in Ethiopia;
  • 3 cycles of ad-hoc training activities in each African University;
  • 6 demonstration actions in Ethiopia and Uganda;
  • An on line tutoring and bibliographic references system;
  • postgraduate students from African Country trained at UNIMOL for 2 months;
  • 3 dissemination conferences (2 in Ethiopia and one in Uganda);
  • 250 “Biofarming guidesâ€?.