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WP3 will be realised through the following activities:

Activity 3.1 “Visit of ACP HEI academic staff to UNIMOL�- the visit has been realised with the aim to give a first-hand knowledge on the scientific research methodology and approaches used at UNIMOL.

Activity 3.2 “Organisation and delivery of training activities for academic staff on selected topics�- training activities will be delivered by professors from UNIMOL and international experts to academic staff from the African Universities and ABCD Institute. The training plan will be organised in two steps:

  1. the first step will include a general educative event, called Biofarming Training School
  2. the second step will provide ad-hoc training activities targeted at each African University.

1. The Biofarming Training School will be organised in Addis Ababa and will be divided in seminars and full immersion courses for a total amount of 48 hours. On field activities at the BEA’s Biofarm site.

2. Each different African University will host the ad-hoc training activities targeted on the basis of the University-specific needs emerged from the baseline analysis. UNIMOL will deliver three cycles of ad-hoc training activities for each African University, that will last approximately 7 days each one and are directed to academics, researchers and post- graduate students, that will be organised in:

  • Seminars, carried out in lecture room, to give updating on specific themes came out during the planning phase;
  • Full-immersion courses, including a full treatment of specific aspects previously identified as of primary importance. Such courses will include frontal lessons in the lecture room, use of scientific software when needed, and practical in laboratory or in the field.

Activity 3.3 “Organisation and development of joint demonstration actions�- The demonstration will be developed by researchers and post-graduate students of African Universities driven by the UNIMOL experts. At least 2 demonstration actions are expected to be executed from each African University. BEA and ABCD Institute will ensure tutoring assistance for the joint demonstration actions development, with two professors for each African University that will provide further tutoring assistance. In the specific, each demonstration activity will consist of:

  • selection of a specific issue
  • accurate activities’ plan and timeframe with the UNIMOL expert in that subject
  • execution of the experimental activities for 6-12 months;
  • periodical monitoring of progresses in the new techniques learning;
  • final verification of obtained results;
  • evaluation of the technological transfer to the stakeholders.

Activity 3.4 “Implementation of training programmes/activities for African post-graduate students and researchers in Italy�.

Activity 3.5 “Organisation and delivery of on-line tutoring and bibliographic references sharing systems�.